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Who We Are

Engineers with Passion

We are a team of software developers dedicated to help grow your business through technological innovations.

Ngotho Technologies Ltd is a software company that develops mobile apps, web applications and custom management systems, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya.


Mobile Apps

This one, yes! We love it. Making Apps is one of our specialty, whether its pure native android or cross-platform app for iPhone and Android, we develop it to your satisfaction. We can develop an App for you to only run on Android devices with Java language. We also use Flutter framework to develop for both Android and iPhone devices.


Web Development

The most common development for software developers, and we offer excellent services to engineer a web application/website that suits your needs. Depending on your preference and a bit of advice from us, we can develop websites from scratch with all the necessary languages required or use content management systems such as WordPress which offers beautiful designs and responsiveness and all in a short development time.


API Development

APIs or Application Development Interfaces are a part of a successfully running system, hence we incorporate that in our projects to provide an all-round system that that can communicate with a database and all software components to function as intended.


and Supported
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We sit down or video call you to understand the design wanted, whether in your website, business system or mobile application. Gathering the information beforehand is crucial for a successful project.

Development starts as soon as we've agreed on the features. We involve you in every step and give you updates weekly to keep you in the loop. You can call yourself the quality assurance officer 🙂

If you have the skills for software development and have the passion for it, then send us an email with your C.V. We work remotely, so the best part is that we can outsource our work to you in whatever location you are. For now we are looking for freelancers who can develop efficiently and meet time-lines. Further communication and assessment will be done to see if you are the best fit to join our team.

We’d love to hear from you. Let's get to work. Send a brief email about the project you would like us to develop for you. We will respond back to you!