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Send us an email or WhatsApp message, detailing what project you'd like us to build, and we will draft a quote and timeline. We can then set up a physical or online meeting to discuss more. Simple, right?

Once we have a clear understanding of your vision, we will start creating designs for your system or use your own designs to come up with an aesthetically pleasing product.

Development is the core of any digital project. With our skilled developers, we will recommend the industry standard frameworks and programming languages to create a scalable, functional and user-friendly system.


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African Human
African Human
They offer very good software solutions for Hardi.I highly recommend Ngotho Technologies.
Kabbie Karanu
Kabbie Karanu
Ken Mwapena
Ken Mwapena
Eve Lucky
Eve Lucky
Ngotho Technologies are very reliable and efficient in their work. My experience with the company was easy and great. Very tech savvy personnel, ready to offer technology solutions. The team is easy to work with. I would recommend Ngotho Technologies to anyone 💯
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Tech Stack

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We incorporate stacks like LAMP, MERN, MEVN.

Our developers are skilled in PHP, Python, Flutter, Java-Android, Laravel, Django, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, JavaScript, Go, Firebase, RESTful APIs, WordPress and Cloud Platforms.


If you have the skills for software development and have the passion for it, then send us an email with your C.V. We work remotely, so the best part is that we can outsource our work to you in whatever location you are. For now we are looking for freelancers who can develop efficiently and meet time-lines. Further communication and assessment will be done to see if you are the best fit to join our team.

We’d love to hear from you. Let's get to work. Send a brief email about the project you would like us to develop for you. We will respond back to you!